Erfolgreiches Filmprojekt November 2018 in Guinea

Unser Verein hat einen Dokumentarfilm über die Verhältnisse in Guinea drehen lassen und finanziert.

Sensibilisierung der Jugendlichen in Guinea
Im Rahmen der Dreharbeiten wurden die Schüler an vielen Schulen in Guinea aufgeklärt über die die negativen Seiten der kriminellen Schlepperorganisationen und die vielen Toten, die durch diese Schlepper verursacht werden.

Erwünschte Maßnahmen für einen Verbleib der Judenglichen in ihrer afrikanischen Heimat
Bei diesen Aktionen wurden die Jugendlichen befragt, was sie an ihrer afrikanischen Heimat schön finden und was sich verbessern müsste, damit es für sie lohnenswert ist, in ihrer Heimat zu bleiben und eine positive Lebensperspektive haben.
Darüber wurde dieser Dokumentarfilm gedreht, der in Kürze hier gesehen werden kann.


In between astonishing poverty and military dictation, adolescents try to follow their dreams. However, due to the high amount of illiteracy rate of almost 70 percent and a weak economy, most of them see their future in Europe. This film addresses this very situation and explains that every step taken towards fighting the illiteracy rate is a step towards combating the number one reason of fleeing.

The current situation

The west African country Guinea is one of the poorest countries worldwide. The illiteracy rate is 69,6 percent. The majority of the population has only limited access to foodstuffs and medical assistance. An increasing amounts of locals flee the country to get to countries with a higher educational standard.

Is there more than sorrow in Guinea?

YES! The locals have dreams and goals that we would like to address. This movie narrates from the perspective of the local juveniles and shows their joy of living, hobbies and feelings unlike any other conventional documentaries of the third world.

Empathy through identification

Thanks to the personal narration and the insights into the social life of the local juveniles, an emotional relationship is being created and generates a feeling of empathy. We join several locals in their everyday life and immerse in their lives.

Fear and hopelessness

Following, we are going to show the reasons holding the youth of Guinea back and interfere them making their dreams reality. (lack of education, denial of medical care, etc.)

Making the voice of Guinea's youth heard

With the help of targeted questions about hobbies, dreams, passion, love, family and goals young women and men tell us their personal and authentic story.

How to help the Guinean.

Through showing the problems of the Guinean, the viewer detects the lack of education and sees, that improving this would eliminate the biggest cause of conflict.

Aim of the film

 - Represent the Guinean people

- Compassion through identification and creating an authentic atmosphere

- Visualization of the love Guineans fell for their own country and culture 

- Showing, that education is the solution for several problems

Film locations

Urban life Conakry

Nature Iles de Los

Village life Kindia

Shooting time: 13.09.2018 - 23.09.2018 




Our Team

Odette Mezeme Caldwell Project leader

Miguel Temme

Direction / Camera


Jonas Borgloh

Production / B Camera

Constantin Jansen

Assistent Director / Sound


As MVFPoor is a non-profit making organisation, we need financial help in order to make "Faces of Guinea“. This financial support will be considered as a donation. Donations are mandatory for following subjects:

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The work of MVFPoor and the fate Guinean youth is going to be highlighted. Supporters are also able to use the film for their purpose. Also the image is going to be improved while supporting this charity. Depending on the height of a donation, the supporter is being mentioned.


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